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Title: Goodwill
Fandom: Darkwing Duck
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers for "It's a Wonderful Leaf."
Word Count: 458
Pairings or characters involved: Darkwing Duck, Bushroot
Notes: Sometimes, all it takes to overshadow the rudeness, anger, and violence of busy holiday shopping is a simple act of goodwill. Takes place during/after "It's a Wonderful Leaf."

Certain portions of Darkwing Duck's job were significantly less exciting than others. As far as he was concerned, one of these less interesting parts included checking any video surveillance available prior to a crime. And so, the evening of Christmas Eve found him checking video tapes of the department store, taken before Bushroot had started his holiday rampage.

He had been watching for quite some time, and was on the verge of falling asleep, when something caught his eye. A man, almost completely covered in a trench coat, timidly trying to move through the store, and finally rushing into the Galleria Garden Shop in an attempt to avoid getting trampled by the Christmas crowds.

Darkwing watched the resulting chaos, watched Bushroot as he was unveiled, run over, pushed around, beaten, and chased out of the store by an honest to goodness angry mob. While Darkwing usually had no qualms with seeing criminals treated this way, and might have even found it funny at any other time, it was Christmas, and Darkwing could feel himself sympathizing with the plant-duck in the spirit of the season.

Really, all Bushroot had wanted to do was finish his Christmas shopping. Darkwing really couldn't begrudge him that. Not everyone could handle the crowds like he himself could, after all.

So, once he, Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker had taken care of returning the stolen presents, and replacing the Muddlefoots' missing ones, he had Launchpad and Gosalyn return to the house and go to sleep, telling them he had one more thing to take care of.

Bushroot was still frozen where Darkwing had left him. Darkwing undid the handcuffs, grabbed the frozen criminal by his arms, and dragged him back to his greenhouse.

The warmth of the greenhouse thawed Bushroot fairly quickly, and he looked around in surprise when he realized exactly where he was. His eyes widened when they fell on Darkwing.

"Merry Christmas, Bushroot," was all Darkwing said before leaving the greenhouse and the mutant who occupied it. Bushroot said nothing in reply; he continued staring at the hero's now retreating back. Spike, who was busily bouncing around his roots, finally caught his attention when he nipped at his hand. Bushroot looked down at his pet, a faraway look lingering in his eyes.

As Darkwing headed back to his own home, he couldn't help but smile. He didn't expect much to come of it, but the duck hoped that Bushroot realized there was more to Christmas than the angry mobs and mean-spirited shoppers that could be found in stores the day before Christmas.

No, during the Christmas season, there would always be plenty of peace on earth and goodwill toward men...and mutant long as Darkwing Duck had anything to say about it.
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