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Shadowed Voice
v. shad·owed - to represent vaguely, mysteriously, or prophetically.

'ello, mates. This'd be the writing journal of one yamikaosu. I'd gotten tired of having my drabbles scattered across multiple communities, so boom! The answer is obviously a journal to gather them in. XD; This journal will be a house to all of my writings.

What do I write about? Anything that I want. I like ships, and these include any mix of genders. I like gen, I like crack!fic, I like...just about everything, honestly. As such, what I write varies.

I like to drabble. Most of what I write nowadays tends to be drabbles or short one-shots.

It may help to try to find things by using my tags.

Never be afraid to leave a comment, no matter what the age of the piece! I love feedback, whether just reactionary or concrit, and rest assured, I will see your comment. Unless LJ is acting up with notifications.

STANDARD DISCLAIMERS APPLY. I don't own anything, save what's labeled as "Original," and the ideas for the writing.
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