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Title: Afterlife
Fandom: Fiesta Online
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 832
Pairings or characters involved: Schuldig/KitFang
Notes: ...okay. [ profile] kitfang and I had a discussion that derailed into the idea of Kit and Schu being brought back as zombies by Karasian after they died, and it was mentioned in passing that they would hang out at the Ghost Slime (because that is where Schuldig proposed to Kit). I...really was going to take the idea of them being zombies and run with it in a cracky way, but...this happened instead. ALSO, at the time this was written, Uruga was the highest level town available in-game, l-lol.

"There has been an increase in the number of adventurers getting injured or killed in Moonlight Tomb lately...what's going on?" Moonlight Tomb was a good distance from Roumen, and usually Roumenus wouldn't have even known about it, unless Shutian had word sent to him. But with the adventurers talking about it as they were, he couldn't help but worry. So he'd made haste to visit Shutian.

Elderine's chief was obviously agitated, and rightfully so...with Elderine just bordering Moonlight Tomb, the danger that was evident there could easily spread to the city. "From what I've heard...there's a couple of zombies that appear to be quite powerful. I've told the Heanneth Alliance to pass on to their members that for the moment, quests in Moonlight Tomb are suspended. However, adventurers tend to be foolhardy, and many are going to try their luck against the zombies." Shutian sighed. "None of them have fared well."

Roumenus nodded in understanding. "Have you asked for help from Adrian? Or the Hunter's Union? I hear they returned to Uruga recently." The adventurers from Uruga were known for their strength; Roumenus was positive that if Elderine's forces weren't enough to down these zombies, then surely Uruga's would be.

"Excuse me, sir! I have word back from Chief Adrian!" The guard approached Shutian, and handed him a letter.

"Thank you, Fritz." The guard saluted both Shutian and Roumenus, and returned to his post. As Shutian opened the letter and began reading it, Roumenus couldn't miss the smile forming on his face. "Adrian's agreed to send a group over to deal with the zombies." He sounded relieved.

"Well, this should be over quickly then." Roumenus rested his hand reassuringly on Shutian's shoulder. "Don't worry, things will be back to normal soon."

The zombies of Moonlight Tomb had never really been considered a threat. Certainly, if an adventurer was lacking in experience, a zombie could overtake them easily. But most of those that entered Moonlight Tomb were not that inexperienced, and so zombies were generally easily felled. Karasian obviously hadn't put a lot of work into them.

Zombies, as a general rule, were all alike, in looks, temperament, and lack of intelligence. They knew how to swing their clubs, and hobble after those that ventured too close. They didn't have any special skills, save for the ability to riddle their prey with disease...which had less to do with any abilities on their part and more due to their very nature, as they were literally rotting corpses.

As far as the monsters that populated Isya went, zombies were relatively low-threat.

At least, that was the case with most zombies.

Currently, there were two zombies in Moonlight Tomb who defied everything that was known about them. They were different from other zombies in appearance. Both had thin purple hair, both wore torn clothing. But perhaps the most important difference was the fact that these zombies could do much more than merely wave a club at passing humans or elves.

One had obviously been a mage in his previous life; his grasp of arcane magic was far greater than that of any known monster, and from the gossip that had been passed around, the spells he used were certainly the same as were taught to Isya's mages. Adventurers foolish enough to come within his range were mercilessly beaten down with an array of ice, fire, and lightning that would rival that of Uruga's top magic users.

The other zombie had all the makings of an archer, if the poisons, diseases, and bleeds she inflicted upon her targets were to be trusted. Nearly anyone who tried attacking her quickly found her dexterity troublesome; adventurers that resided in Elderine were hard pressed to land even one hit on her. That is, if they could evade a barrage of spiritual arrows raining down on them long enough to actually attack.

If those who came to challenge these two rather special zombies had stopped and watched them, instead of attacking them, they might have noticed some quirks about the two.

They did not get along with many of the other monsters of the tomb. Other monsters were social with one another, conversed with each other. These two kept primarily to themselves.

In fact, whenever a piggy bat happened by, the mage's eyes glistened with hatred. He would cast drain mind on it, seemingly enjoying its panic as it ran into trees, bushes, and other monsters.

The archer seemed to hold a similar dislike for magic staffs. She would creep up behind the staffs, hiding in a blind spot, and suddenly grab and toss them a good distance away. The dazed staffs would return to an upright position, heading back to their stations...only to eventually be thrown again.

But, perhaps the most interesting part was, when no one was around, they enjoyed sitting inside of the Ghost Slime, nestled against one another. It seemed almost nostalgic for them, and if one was paying attention, one might notice that they were smiling.


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