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Title: Ignore the Pain
Fandom: Fiesta Online
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 560
Pairings or characters involved: Kintaros/Boundless
Notes: I'm having too much fun writing this pairing, seriously.

The attack had been unexpected. They both knew they were in extremely dangerous, volatile territory. Yet, they trusted one another, knowing they would take care of each other. The adventure had been going smoothly, until a group of particularly ravenous monsters had caught them by surprise, before they'd had a chance to rest from a previous attack. It hadn't helped that their provisions were running low.

Boundless struggled desperately to keep the heals coming, but she could feel her well of spiritual power reaching its limits, overtaxed without time to wouldn't be long before her healing abilities would be temporarily suspended. She attacked the monsters full-force in-between healing Kintaros, trying to hasten to the battle's end.

Finally, the last monster fell, and she looked to Kintaros. He had ended the battle in bad shape, poisoned and obviously in pain. She cured the poison first out of instinct, but upon attempting to begin the healing process, she found her spirit completely exhausted. Frowning, her worried eyes met his.

"I can't heal you until I rest up and recover some power." The words were bitter; she felt as if she were failing him, failing to do her part to protect him.

It wouldn't stop her, though. She could at least clean and bandage his wounds the traditional way. There would still be pain, but it would help. After they'd moved to the safer location of their campsite, Boundless pulled out her bandages as Kintaros settled down on the ground...she couldn't miss the grimace of pain as he did so.

They were quiet as she worked, slowly bandaging and cleansing everything she could with the limited first aid available to her. After she finished, she left him leaned against the side of the cliff they had huddled near, his eyes closed and arms crossed, and went to relight the fire that had been their sole companion over the last few nights. After adding more wood and working the small flames into stronger ones, she turned to study Kintaros' face.

She knew him well enough by now to know that he'd be blaming himself for the attack, thinking about what might have happened if she'd been severely hurt...especially given their current predicament. Their potions and soul stones had been used up; they had to be more careful now. It hadn't been his fault; they'd been careful as planned, but the attack had just been unavoidable. She stood from beside the fire, walking over to him and laying a hand lightly on his shoulder, before settling down next to him.

Kintaros' eyes were still closed, his arms still crossed over his chest. He was thinking, reliving the attack and wondering what he could have done differently, amplifying every scratch, cut, and bruise on his body. Focusing once again on his face, Boundless hated how obvious the pain was in his expression, and knew she needed a diversionary tactic of some sort...something to take his mind off the pain.

She raised a hand, laying it gently against the side of his face and cradling his cheek. His eyes flew open instantly, turning to her with a questioning look. She smiled, bringing her lips to meet his.

All she needed was for him to focus on the kiss...until she could heal his pain away, she would make him forget about it.


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