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Title: Kiss and Make It Better
Fandom: Fiesta Online
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 359
Pairings or characters involved: Kintaros/Boundless
Notes: Also written for 'gelli for Christmas!

Boundless looked up as she heard someone approaching their camp; she frowned as Kintaros' slightly limping form drew near. As he moved closer and was slowly illuminated by the firelight, her eyes were drawn to a huge tear in his right pant leg, where a rather deep gash marred the exposed skin of his thigh.

"What happened?" she asked, instantly moving to grab her bandages. First aid, coupled with her inherent healing abilities, would help the wound fade and recover quickly. Still, as she watched the blood flow, she couldn't help but grimace, knowing it must hurt...he was limping, after all.

"A King Coll took me by surprise. It just got a lucky hit in, that's all." His response was dismissive; he'd made quick work of the beast afterward, and there was no need to worry her over something so trivial. Kintaros had decided to go out to replenish their dwindling supply of firewood; if they were going to camp in the Scaffold Execution Ground as planned, they would certainly need it. True to his word, and despite the injury, he'd come back with a fair amount of wood, which was quickly added to their existing pile.

She patted the ground beside her, necessary materials at hand. Kintaros settled down where she wanted him, and extended his injured leg at her motioning. He crossed his arms as she began her work by rolling up the torn pant leg. She then started pouring forth her spirit, cleansing the wound to prevent infection and stopping the bleeding. Kintaros knew when she was finished healing; it was the moment the pain was completely gone. She quickly moved on to bandaging his leg.

As she finished, she paused for a moment, as if a thought had occurred to her. Suddenly, she leaned down and kissed the bandage, right where it covered the gash.

Kintaros froze. He could feel the blush beginning to color his face.

Boundless straightened up and smiled at him. "I've always heard of 'kiss it and make it better'...does it work?"

Noting the tingling in his leg and the warmth in his face, Kintaros was inclined to say it did.


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