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Title: Christmas Present
Fandom: Fiesta Online
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 422
Pairings or characters involved: Kintaros/Boundless
Notes: Written for 'gelli for Christmas!

She wandered amidst the myriad of shops, stopping every once in a while to browse various wares. Yet, nothing was catching her interest as something fitting for him.

Boundless had decided she wanted to find a Christmas gift that Kintaros would enjoy, something that would make him smile, and perhaps stutter in embarrassed gratitude...a reaction far too adorable to pass up. So far, though, she'd had no luck. She'd seen things he could use, or that would have been helpful to him, but nothing that seemed like it would really make him happy.

She stopped mid-step as it hit her...she'd been going about it all wrong.

Now all she needed was to track him down. Elderine's main plaza was busy, and she knew from experience that he could often be found in the area. She looked through the crowd, not overly expectant, but hopeful. There was always the possibility of a small Christmas miracle, after all, and there was no harm in trying.

Lo and behold, there he was, just walking away from Kyle's storage center. She immediately started toward him.

"Kin!" Her voice rose above the hustle and bustle of Elderine's streets, and she pushed through the crowds, trying to make her way to the fighter.

Kintaros paused and looked around, attempting to identify where the sound had come from. He felt a hand on his arm and turned to find its source. He smiled warmly as his eyes met Boundless'.

"That was lucky! I was just looking for you!" She threw an arm around his waist, pulling him close and smiling, all her usual disregard for personal space in full effect. Kintaros didn't mind the close proximity at all, but he couldn't help the blush lightly coloring his face.

"You know, you never told me what you wanted for Christmas." She looked up at him, punctuating her statement with a small pout. "It took me a while to realize what I wanted to get you."

He looked as if he was about ready to apologize, but stopped when she suddenly pulled out of the embrace, moving a couple of steps ahead. "It's far past time for an adventure...don't you think?" She turned back to him, grinning as she spoke. His re-emerging smile was all the answer she needed, and she grabbed his hand and headed forward, taking note that he was blushing again.

Boundless had no particular destination in mind, but all that mattered was that they would go there together, because she knew...that would make both of them happy.


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