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Title: Always Be There
Fandom: Fiesta Online
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 353
Pairings or characters involved: Colander/Jaedyn
Notes: I really think she sees it like this. D:

She'll never be completely content with the idea.

She knows that fighters come in different types; some are meant to kill quickly and efficiently, others excel at keeping monsters on themselves while their partymates deal the damage. These fighters are able to endure excruciating amounts of pain while still inviting even more, able to handle being attacked from every side, being beaten and bruised until the mages and archers can down their foes.

Her husband is one of those fighters.

She is almost always right there with him, throwing out healing spells as quickly as she can, trying to keep the pain she knows he must be feeling to minimum, but she can't help but think that it's never enough. He never complains, she knows that he takes his role in the party too seriously to ever mention just how much it hurts. He's built to be able to take hits, and he excels at keeping monsters trained on him and taking those hits...more hits than she can count, but so many more than she's comfortable with.

It hurts her, deep down, to watch him constantly being injured, scrapes and scratches, poison and curses. He takes on so much at a time, and yet it feels as if there's so little she's really doing for him. And while she knows that he'll survive it, battered but smiling in the end, it's still painful for her to watch.

But he feels the same way when she or any of their friends, their partners, are hurt. She herself, like him, is able to take hits well, and if rogue enemies are somehow able to escape him, she prefers that they turn to her. At least then, she can share in her husband's pain, if but a little.

He never allows it for long. Instantly, he's at her side, taunting whatever has attacked her to turn its focus back to him.

It's the way it will always be.

At least, Jaedyn thinks, she can take solace in the fact that once the battle is over, she will always, always, be there to patch him up again.


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