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Title: Someone's Got To Worry...
Fandom: Drama Drama Duck (Gyakuten Saiban, Tales of Symphonia)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None!
Word Count: 1,128
Pairings or characters involved: Phoenix/Zelos
Notes: Phoenix yelled at Zelos once about battling at the coliseum when he was upset. This kind of draws off of that. Plus, Zelos likes showing off.

"You're going to get hurt."

It was a simple statement, but the concern it carried was enough to make Zelos pause, turning back to look at Phoenix with a smile. He didn't say anything; he let his smile convey his message: It'll be all right. He had somewhat dropped out of the habit of depending on Meltokio's Coliseum to see him through rougher times, instead becoming more dependent on friends, particularly Phoenix, when something was bothering him.

That didn't mean that he any less enjoyed the challenge that the Coliseum presented, though.

Zelos wanted to be sure that his skills stayed sharp, in case there was a need for them again. So while he no longer went to the Coliseum with a subtle death wish, he did go to fight.

Today was such a day.

He had decided that it was high time Phoenix actually saw him in battle. Phoenix still didn't like the idea of him being here (obvious from his comment), and while Zelos was touched by his concern, he wanted to prove that there really was nothing to worry about.

Of course, it wasn't as if Zelos also wanted to show off and display to Phoenix what he could really do in battle. Not at all.

And so, after getting Phoenix situated in the stands (he was sure to get him a seat from which he had a good view of the arena) he headed to the receptionist to get himself entered in a tournament. He figured that while he could handle any of the tournaments, and regularly participated in them (he switched around depending on how he was feeling), it might be easier to prove his point to Phoenix if he started with something a little easier. So, he entered the Intermediate Class (he had always hated entering the waste of time they called Beginner Class).

He stood in the waiting area, and it wasn't long before the guard stationed at the door let him know that it was his turn.

Zelos grinned. Oh, this was going to be fun.


Phoenix shifted uncomfortably in the stands. He still felt like he stuck out a little too much in Zelos' world, and was doing his best to avoid drawing any unwanted attention (he knew by now, there were a few people who recognized him, and was mildly worried what they might have to say to him). He focused instead on the arena, which they were getting ready for Zelos' match. He bristled involuntarily as the fact that he was about to watch Zelos actually fight the monsters that he had told him about really hit him. Why did he agree to this, anyway?

He snapped back to reality as the announcer began to talk, signaling the beginning of Zelos' first match. Zelos walked into the arena, in that smug, almost saunter that Phoenix had become so accustomed to. If it were anyone other than Zelos, perhaps he could have relaxed a bit; however, Phoenix knew better than anyone how adept Zelos was at masking his true emotions.

He did have to admit, though, that Zelos seemed to be making an effort to change that.

Phoenix appreciated it.

The announcer left the arena as the first monster was released, and Phoenix gulped as it came into view. And then just stared.

The first monster looked like a giant flower with boxing gloves. Were all of the supposed "monsters" here so ridiculous-looking...?

He continued to stare as the flower monster lunged at Zelos, who dodged to the side and began his own series of attacks. His breath caught in his throat as he watched Zelos perform a graceful series of movements that shouldn't have been allowed to be considered fighting.

But in the end, it was the magic that really caught him off guard.

Phoenix had heard Zelos talk about how mana was the basis of many things in their world, one of which was their magic. He hadn’t really thought about it that much, about what exactly Zelos meant by "magic" or how it worked or if it was more than the cheap parlor tricks he was envisioning (it had to be, he was almost certain, because tricks like that shouldn't be dependent on some source of energy, right?)

A large, red, glowing circle appeared on the ground beneath Zelos as he casted (he looked to Phoenix to be concentrating, unaware that the flower thing was approaching him), and suddenly the monster was enveloped in what seemed to be an eruption of magma from nowhere.

Phoenix could do no more than stare.

This continued for the next three battles, and still afterward when Zelos stood triumphant.

Phoenix couldn't even remember if he had looked at the monsters. His eyes had been completely glued to Zelos.

Zelos approached him after the tournament, and they headed back for Zelos' mansion. Phoenix knew well enough by now that it was only a matter of time before some hoard of frothing fangirls found their "beloved" Chosen in the stands.

And so the afternoon found them in the living room, settled on one of the couches (it was odd, they always seemed to settle on this couch; a "tradition" that had seemingly started on Valentine's Day). Phoenix hadn't said anything since they arrived. Zelos finally raised an eyebrow, eyes focused on the silent defense attorney.

"You're upset."

Phoenix broke out of his thoughts for a moment to contemplate what was a question in the form of a statement, and finally shook his head. "No, I'm...upset's not the word I'd use. Watching you fight out there was just..." He looked at Zelos helplessly, not even entirely sure what he was trying to say.

Zelos settled back into the couch, his gaze unconsciously drifting over to the painting on the wall. "You've never seen anything quite like that before, right?"

Phoenix nodded in reply.

Zelos turned back to look at him again, wearing the same smile he had when they had arrived at the Coliseum. He then shifted rather suddenly, scooting closer to Phoenix to put an arm around him, fingers coming to rest lightly on his shoulder. "You're still worried."

Phoenix couldn't deny that.

How could he not be, knowing the kind of danger that Zelos was putting himself in? Regardless of how well-equipped he may have been for doing so, it still wasn't enough to quell the fear that someday, he was going to get himself killed.

But the arm around him was a comforting diversion from his concerns, and Phoenix relaxed a bit, letting himself lean slightly against the other man. He shot Zelos an apologetic smile, but Zelos didn’t miss the affection-fueled determination in Phoenix’s eyes.

"Someone’s got to worry about you. It might as well be me."
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