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May. 6th, 2010 05:29 pm
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Title: Smiles
Fandom: Drama Drama Duck (Gyakuten Saiban, Tales of Symphonia)
Rating: PG
Warnings: None!
Word Count: 338
Pairings or characters involved: Phoenix/Zelos

It was strange, Phoenix thought, that it had taken him so long to truly notice the differences.

Since first meeting Zelos, Phoenix had found it slightly odd that he wore that same countenance so often. It almost seemed that no matter what the situation (very special circumstances aside), it was the only expression he seemed inclined to share.

It wasn't until they were walking through Meltokio one day, that Phoenix first realized that it wasn't constant.

One of Zelos' seemingly endless amount of admirers had approached him (Elle, if Phoenix could recall correctly...apparently she felt herself above anyone or anything that might have warranted Zelos' attention, and seemed to take every opportunity to try and prove this point), coy and flirtatious as usual. Zelos, as always, smiled and told her that he was busy with something important (Phoenix was well aware that he was important to Zelos, but he always felt his heart swell upon hearing Zelos say it), and that he would speak with her later. She made an indignant, rather unladylike noise in response, huffing as she left.

That seemed to be her usual routine, but it wasn’t what had caught Phoenix’s attention.

Zelos' smile was different as he politely told her off...it almost looked somewhat forced. And as she walked off, and Zelos turned to Phoenix with a smile, he noticed it changed again...back to the more sincere, almost affectionate expression that Phoenix was all too accustomed to seeing.

From that point on, he kept a close eye on the small differences between one smile and another. And with time, Phoenix noticed that Zelos had an entire arsenal of smiles, only separated by very subtle differences. A slight arch of one eyebrow, or perhaps both; a smile that was slightly wider than "normal"; sometimes even a change of where his eyes were focusing seemed to shift the entire meaning of the expression.

However, no matter how many different smiles Phoenix was able to identify...

He never saw anyone else receive the same smile he did.
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