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Title: The Perils of Duoing
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O
Rating: PG
Warnings: None!
Word Count: 610
Pairings or characters involved: tiny implied YuuRyou, Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryuutaros, Deneb
Notes: Written for Kagelli for Christmas. Basically boils down to the Den-O cast playing Fiesta.

Yuuto could always tell if one of Nogami's Imajin possessed him while he was playing. Nogami was a relatively good cleric, and an excellent partner to Yuuto's fighter. However, the Imajin were rarely interested in supporting Yuuto's attacks, and instead each infuriated him in their own way.

Momotaros apparently didn't know how to use any skills outside of Bash and Trip, and would launch a full-force assault on whatever enemy was nearest to him, ignoring whatever other enemies Yuuto had managed to mob. Yuuto sometimes wondered why he bothered mocking or kicking the enemies off of the cleric then; if it hadn't been Nogami's character, he would have let Momotaros die. He knew, though, that doing so would only make more work for them later when Nogami had to make up that lost experience. So instead, he went through stones and potions like candy, and informed Nogami he owed him for whatever he'd used. It was a damn good thing potions were one of Nogami's production skills.

Urataros could be a decent cleric when he wanted to be. The problem was, he invited anyone he saw to their party, and proceed to flirt with them. Flirting with them, in this case, also involved focusing on healing them exclusively, again leaving Yuuto to fend for himself. In response, Yuuto would pull mobs off of Nogami's cleric, but refuse to do so for whoever the party member of the hour was. Usually, this was frustrating enough to them to make them leave the party.

Out of Nogami's Imajin, Yuuto would probably have to admit that, after Nogami, Kintaros was the best cleric. He did more fighting than Nogami did, but he also kept Yuuto healed, which was more than could be said for the others. However, this only applied when he was awake...which he wasn't most of the time. So more often than not, Nogami's cleric did nothing, and Yuuto protected them.

And then there was Ryuutaros. Ryuutaros totally and completely refused to help Yuuto in any way. Oftentimes he would collect a huge mob of monsters, bring them back to Yuuto, and then have Nogami's cleric dance while Yuuto desperately fought to keep them alive. Sometimes he left the party before bringing a mob over, and would then warp somewhere else.

Yuuto hated it when any of them commandeered Nogami's character, but at least none of the others made a direct effort to kill him.

Nogami always apologized profusely when he regained control of his cleric, replacing whatever potions his Imajin had caused Yuuto to waste, and paying him back for stones.

Finally, Yuuto suggested that perhaps Nogami should let the Imajin each have their own character, to suit their playing styles. One computer, mysteriously donated by Owner, later, and the Imajin had their own outlet.

Momotaros chose, unsurprisingly, a fighter, and poured all of his free stats into strength, with every intention of wielding a two-handed sword. Kintaros also chose a fighter, although Nogami persuaded him that perhaps it was in his best interest to focus on his defenses, considering how often he fell asleep at the keyboard. Ryuutaros became an archer, their kiting abilities instantly endearing him to the class. Urataros, for all of the indifference he had about the game itself, chose a cleric simply because he felt it was the easiest way to reel someone in.

That left things how they should be, as far as Yuuto was concerned – his fighter and Nogami's cleric duoing, without all of the ridiculous interruptions that the Imajin provided.

With the exception of Deneb's belief that their houses were shiitake, and that it meant that Yuuto had learned to like them.
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